3 Great Flight Comparison Sites To Save Money On Your Next Trip

People are most likely to spend more when they travel, whether domestic or abroad. Unless someone else or your company shoulders all of your expenses, you have to do a thorough research and plan your flight to reduce your costs.

We listed down three international flight comparison websites you can check to save on your transportation and accommodation costs. Spend your money on more important matters than tickets.

1. Skyscanner


When it comes to comparing flights, Skyscanner proves to be easy to use and efficient. Hotels and rental cars comparisons are available; not to mention the best prices on domestic and international flights.

This website is free to use and does not charge any booking fees. In fact, after finding your most preferred travel or accommodation options, you will be referred to book directly with the airlines, hotels, and car companies.

Using Skyscanner also allows you to get ticket prices and combinations you won’t usually find somewhere else.

2. Skiplagged


Go to Skiplagged.com and notice a fascinating tagline, if we can call it such. Yes, United Airlines sued Skiplagged for its services. Lucky for our flight comparison site, the lawsuit was now dismissed.

This website takes pride in its brilliant services. They offer indirect flights which tend to be cheaper because people can simply get off at layover airport destinations. Compared to direct flights, it’s guaranteed for passengers to pay a fraction of the cost of direct flights.

3. Hipmunk


This San Francisco-based website has the Agony filter under its wing, which is ideal for passengers to choose flights based on their schedule flexibility and price.

Hipmunk is free and user-friendly. Its simple design also allows you to compare and book hotel accommodations for your trip. You may also set up alerts for future deals.

Remember these three sites the next time you need to book a flight. Best travel deals come to those who search and compare.

About the Author: Benjamin Cotter