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Welcome To Monkey House

We are a Brisbane-based travel insurance services company, making sure you have the protection you need when travelling overseas. We have worked with a range of businesses to ensure our customers receive the best travel insurance service possible.  This way you only have to worry about what food to eat, and not what policy to buy.

documents-4If you are reading this page because you're in search for an insurance company that will take care of you while you travel, congratulations. You have reached your destination.

Monkey House has taken care of Australian travelers worldwide for more than fifteen years. Since 2001, we have provided international and domestic insurance plans that covered the unforeseen expenses of our policyholders while on travel.

We can take all the precautions, but cannot entirely avoid events beyond our control. This belief led us to start an insurance company that targets these needs without requiring excessive premiums.

travel-1Monkey House has proven that a travel insurance policy may be easy-on-the-pocket but is prompt in times of need.

We believe that Australians should enjoy the opportunities that come their way; whether it is a holiday vacation alone or with family and friends, or a business trip that can lay out greener pastures.

Monkey House is here to help.

Why Us?

We are not alone. Other travel insurance companies offer similar services. However, Monkey House takes pride in our top qualities that set us apart from our competition.

We offer various options for an insurance policy, which can be tailor-fitted to meet your needs as a traveler. We have available insurance cover for domestic and overseas trips, and levels to accommodate the extent of your necessities. Policy excess and upgrades are also available to personalize your coverage.

You may call our 24/7 customer service team or log on to our secure website to get a quote or purchase your policy. We also offer round-the-clock emergency medical assistance. There are companies like Point to Point Education who help teachers get jobs overseas, a service like this is perfect with Monkey House Music. You can move overseas and not have to worry about the insurance side of things. This is just one example of many where we can make your life much easier.

Insurance can be a complex topic and when you travelling over long distances and make substantial changes in your life then you best be assured that you have a reputable insurance company behind you and looking out for you.

Monkey House also takes care of your kids. You may declare your dependent children on your policy at no extra cost.
Lastly, we follow a quick, efficient and hassle-free process for your claims.