About Us

logoPlease be advised, we don’t have anything to do with mischief or the zoo.

We are Monkey House, and this is our business.

We understand how it is crucial to Australians to travel within the country and abroad, as we cannot expect opportunities to stay in one place all the time. In fact, statistics shows that Aussies spend an estimated total of 40 billion annually on their overseas trips. This amount includes holiday, personal, business, and unfortunately, emergency expenses.

Even the most planned vacations and business trips may cause us some unforeseen expenditures. No matter how much money we have in our pockets and under our accounts, spending extra is a hassle. Thus, we thought about bringing these unnecessary expenditures down to a minimum.

Monkey House offers insurance services that give the peace-of-mind any Australian traveller needs, whether within the country or overseas.

We take care of your emergencies while you’re away from home. Say goodbye to the hassles of lost luggage, delayed or canceled flights, and overbooked hotels. Most of all, never worry about additional emergency medical expenses while on travel.

Monkey House settles random and unforeseen events for your convenience so you can concentrate on your trip. Rest assured we provide world-class yet personalized services for you and your family.