4 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Travel Overseas

When traveling, whether abroad or within the country, there are things you should not forget. Even when you have a lot of cash to spare, following these tips will save you all the hassle, and allow you to spend on more valuable items than unnecessary expenses.

1. Secure up-to-date documents for international travel.


While most countries require the validity of your passport to be six months from preferred return date, we highly recommend that you keep it valid at least for another nine months. If you need to renew your passport, do it before you leave. Just allow ample time, about 45 days, to have it processed.

For car rental needs, make sure to bring a valid international driver’s license, if you have one. Also, don’t forget to photocopy your travel documents and place it on different luggage from your passport. Keep soft copies on your email or online drive, just to be safe.

2. Get vaccines and fill your prescriptions.

Check any travel advisory and health warnings for your place of destination. Get any required vaccination at least six weeks before you travel. If your trip is immediate and on short notice, get a shot as soon as possible.

If you need prescriptions filled, get a refill before you leave and make sure you have more than enough to last your trip. Some of your medications may not be available for sale abroad.

Photocopy your prescriptions, and take note of the generic names and alternatives, if any. Store your medicines in their allotted bottles, and place them in your carryall. Secure a letter from your doctor for any syringes and declare them before you go through security check.

3. Prepare your wallet.


Whether it’s an all-expense paid trip or comes out of your pocket, make sure you have your wallet and cards ready before you leave.

If you need to bring your credit cards, keep a maximum of three on your wallet, and advise your providers your destination country to avoid your transactions getting denied. You may have to withdraw cash using your cards from automated machines. Thus, remember your pin.

If you must write your card information, don’t keep a list on your wallet. Keep it somewhere secure and list limited but pertinent information.

4. Pack appropriately and get travel insurance.


Do some research about your destination. Remember not to bring anything unnecessary or prohibited. Limit carrying gadgets and valuables, if you can. Pack your carryall with your valuables, including your prescriptions, travel documents, and devices.

Get your travel insured before you leave. Prevention is key.

Please take note of these tips before you leave. They’ll save you the unnecessary hassle.

About the Author: Benjamin Cotter